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SWEETHOUSE has continous focus on supporting Initiatives in Sugar Reduction and Sugar Replacement. 

We are providing
Technical- and Application Service/ Support
 international partners & customers.

In the Beverage & Food Industry we see still an enormous need and potential to provide sugar reduced beverages & foodstuff all around the globe.


Governments – like Mexico, Chile, Colombia, US, Portugal, France, Canada, Australia, Finland, Hungary, UK, South Africa, Phillippines and Singapore – have implemented taxes or are exploring actions for limiting the growing health costs.


Sugar is more and more often replaced by other sweetening agents for marketing-, health-, or cost reasons.

Sugar-free and gentle-on-the-teeth market positioning is inspiring too.

Calorie-reduction in sweetening of food and healthcare products is gaining everywhere  greater significance.


Further nutritional aspects, such as a favourable glycaemic index/ glycaemic load and prebiotic characteristics or fibre enrichment, are getting highely important as well, following the recommendation of Researchers & Nutritionists.


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Balancing low-cal with sugar taste is the challenge…


SWEETHOUSE will help and support! 

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The beverage & food landscape will continue to change globally in the coming years.


SWEETHOUSE is concentrating it's activities on customers & partners in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.


We like to partner with our products & know how to beverage- and food customers, ingredient suppliers, 
research companies
 and distributors.


SWEETHOUSE provides Service & specialty Ingredients connected to Sweet Taste and we are providing  modules of different sweet Service Elements, as required ...


For selected partner ingredient suppliers is SWEETHOUSE the gate to EAME Market 
utilizing high quality raw materials in the sweetness space.